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Where to Submit Your Character Sheet


Please read the notecards in your New Player Infokit (or the information in the How to Join section of this website), fill out your character sheet and it in the Owl Mailbox in the New Members Ministry Office in Diagon Alley
This includes submissions for returning/alternate/special characters, as well.

After you have submitted your character sheet it will be reviewed by a New Members Minister, who will help you make your character the best he or she can be.

If you need to be sorted, follow these simple steps:
1. Go to Find Your Hogwarts House: The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Test.
2. Take the Quiz, be honest and think about your character.

Please remember to join the forums, and if you would like extra help getting involved in our roleplay, join the group 'WoH New Player Support' in-world.

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