The Story


"Ten years have passed, Sibyll," said McGonagall.

Trelawney sniffed and reached for another bon-bon. McGonagall pursed her lips at the unnecessary display of unhappiness but didn't say anything. Her eyes stared out of the window, out towards the snow-covered trees of the forest which surrounded the castle.

"I often wonder if Albus would have approved of what I did."
A soft chuckle came from one of the paintings in the room, and a smiling, white-bearded figure winked at the headmistress of Hogwarts. She could not suppress the smile on her face.
"Aye Albus, you're probably right."

The voice of Sibyll Trelawney broke her reverie.
"So you are definitely retiring, Minerva?"
"Oh yes my dear - I have made sure the school has returned to the way it was. But things have changed. Surely you have seen it?"
"The new Dark Wizards?"
"Oh Sibyll, such nonsense. The 'New Order' are not Dark Wizards, or followers of," she lowered her voice more out of habit, "You-Know-Who - they are just those who think we can learn from the Muggles."
"But Minerva, the rumours..."
"Are you telling me you trust The Prophet anymore than The Quibbler? They may be misguided - but they are not evil."
A short silence filled the room, until the voice of the former Divinations professor spoke up again...
"But your replacement?"

The silence was intense - with only the faint howl of the winter wind breaking it. For some time the headmistress of Hogwarts stared out of the window.

"Kingsley has his reasons. I admit I find it somewhat... unprecedented. I do not think a Divinations professor has ever become Headmaster at Hogwarts before..."
"First he replaced me, and now he replaces you," said Trelawney, an air of bitterness in her voice.
Minerva McGonagall pursed her lips but decided not to reply. She gazed out of the window...
"A wind of change is coming my friend. I DO indeed think it is time for me to move on."



We are set 10 years after the end of the main story. Nine years before the 'final chapter' of the final book. Half-way between the world we loved to read and the world hinted at by J.K. Rowling.

SO, where are we?

We are in Hogwarts and the year (by Muggle Reckoning) is 2007. Kingsley Shacklebolt is Minister of Magic - has been since the last war. He is respected and filled with common sense. He is a great inspiration and in many ways the banner bearer of the ‘new age’ of the Ministry. It is much more functional. Less prone to the blind silliness that took place under Voldemort. Shacklebolt knows his stuff and is very popular in his position. He acts quickly and swiftly to deal with any dangers which face Britain. In many ways it's a golden age. And the tales and stories of the world continue.

This is the world after the Final War with Voldemort. The Death Eaters were met at the Battle of Hogwarts and were destroyed. Obliterated. The Minister of Magic began an ongoing crusade against ALL members. Those not killed have been hounded out of the country and/or sent to Azkaban. The Dementor population decimated in the war, the world a much happier place.

The Ministry STILL reflects Wizarding Society - and the Wizards of Britain are still as they were ten years ago. They are conservative and private people. They value ‘minding your own business’. They value the idea of being ‘left alone’. MOST Wizards and Witches live away from each other - surrounded by Muggles in isolation.

Being allowed to get on with it all.

Being free to live as they damn well please.



"The Minister is a VERY smart and excellent man."
"But Mr Biedermann, that is the third time someone has stolen from you in the last month. Surely the Minister should..."
"The Minister is doing nothing, Mr. Franks."
"Which is why he is such a good minister. Ministers who like to 'do things' are tinkerers. And a tinkerer always breaks things. Remember that."



There are changes.

A new headmaster strides the corridors of Hogwarts - and this one is young they say. New. he joined after the War. Some say he was the most inspired Divinations professor in twenty generations. Others say that a mysterious 'incident' during his time in Hogwarts blights his time as a student and may come back to haunt the school forever.

There are changes.

A new sense of 'reformation' fills the minds of many. A decade since the Dark Lord fell? Maybe it's time to reform a few things. Against them many state angrily that the traditions and values that many died to protect could even be contemplated and changed.

Wizardry is as divided as always.



"I really do not understand why he was so hostile - all I did was suggest that perhaps we should elect the Minister of Magic! By vote! There was no need to hex me!"



This then, is our world... a world of adventure, and excitement, of the past and the future to come; of students and professors; of centaurs and trolls.

This is the World of Rowling... as visualised by fans, with respect and admiration and excitement; this is living fan-fiction; this is a world of creativity, imagination, and excitement.

This is The World of Hogwarts.


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