Our Staff


The New Member Ministry


The New Member Ministry are most likely the first officials you will come into contact with in our sim. They receive your application to join the roleplay, approve alternative and special characters and work tirelessly to help our new members refine their characters to be the best they can be.



Baya Liberty - Department Lead
Mameyuki Karu - Assistant
Department Lead
Julianne Auster
Kingy Lamplugh
Lousia Northman
Nightheart Anatra



New Player Liaisons (NPLs)

If you're a new member who has just joined and have questions, seek out one of our New Player Liaisons - they will be happy to help you. You can also join our special group for new members of the sim and ask your questions there - search for 'WoH New Player Support' in groups search.



New Player Roleplay Liaisons (NPRPLs)

Just joined and understand all the OOC rules? Maybe you've been a resident of Second Life for a long time, or an offline roleplayer, and are not sure how roleplay works here? Talk to an 'in-purple' - a group of our roleplayers dedicated to helping you get through those heady first few days in our sim. If you have a RP question which doesn't relate to the plots, or want guidance on how to roleplay, talk to us!


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