Constitution & Rules




All rules are merely clarifications to uphold the Constitution of the group which was ratified by popular vote.



1. No sexual relations while using child avatars. This is a big no-no and breaks lots of official rules within SL and RL. Just don't do it. No overtly lewd behaviour, no visible genitalia, no prim breasts or nipples, no active Xcite, no nudity or semi nudity. If you don't know if what you're doing is acceptable, ask a GM or Security Team officer. This is an offence that will immediately result in a ban, regardless of who you are.

2. Respect others. Out of Character disrespect or harassment will not be tolerated. Keep things constructive. We all work together and we need to treat everyone with respect. If you have a problem with someone, deal with it on your own terms - without griefing. Do not expect the GMs to step into every conflict. Do not go behind the person's back and try to give them a bad rep. Talk to them personally.

3. If you have a problem with a GM, New Member Minister, Roleplay Organizer, or Security Team Member, please come to another GM for it to be addressed. All complaints are treated 100% confidential.

4. By being in our sim, you agree to abide by our rules. We will first give you a warning, then a 24 hour ban, then a week ban before we permanently ban you. We reserve the right to permanently ban you immediately if you are actively griefing or being excessively offensive. All bans may be appealed through the GM Council.

5. a. Please understand that the behavior of someone in-character and inside of roleplay does not represent their actual beliefs and attitude. Please remember to always keep in-character and out-of-character separate.
b. This is a roleplaying sim. While the public areas are "light" RP areas, we will still have people roleplaying in them. Diagon Alley is a low RP area, the rest is high RP. Please stay in character. If you want to have a conversation OOC, please take it to IMs or go to Diagon Alley.

6. In "light" roleplaying areas, a variety of non-roleplaying avatars are accepted but roleplayers reserve the right to limit interaction with non-canon characters. However, elsewhere in the sim, only the following avatars are allowed:
* Humans wearing appropriate clothing
* House-elves
* Other special characters that are approved on a case-by-case basis through the New Members Ministry. These special characters are constrained by canon within J.K. Rowling's universe.

7. No particle emitters are to be left around. No explosions, chat spammy objects, self-rezzing objects, and other usage of items meant to grief others, harass others, or crash the sim. If you rez something, please pick it up. If you repeatedly leave behind objects, you will be approached by the Chief Engineer.

8. NO HARASSMENT. Like the Second Life TOS, we have a no-tolerance policy on harassment. Don't do it. This goes back to the #1 rule of respecting others. Our definition of harassment is persistently using threatening, degrading, or offensive language toward or about another player, out of character.

9. No metagaming or godmoding. Metagaming is using out-of-character information in-character and vice-versa. Godmoding is either roleplaying your character with special abilities not on your character sheet or forcing an action on another roleplayer.

10. a. You must roleplay out all spells but may also use visual effects. All spells used in roleplay that have physical effect (ex: immobilization, caging, push, etc), must be approved by the target in advance.
b. You may only use those spells that are on the approved spell list & that your character could use (e.g. 4th yrs can only cast 4 yr spells and below).
c. Avada Kedavra cannot be used by anyone unless Danton Thirroul has given you his written permission. Please read the spell list for further clarification on casting spells.

11. Under certain circumstances players may be asked by the Chief Engineer or Security to remove, or refrain from using, scripted devices or objects that interfere with sim performance hamper the community experience, or are in violation of the Second Life TOS. All on the sim are under obligation to cooperate with sim staff to ensure an equitable play experience.

12. NO begging for money, loans, free items, free rent etc. If you need money, please buy some from LL.


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