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As The World of Hogwarts is first and foremost a roleplay group run by fans of the Harry Potter series, we welcome roleplayers of any and all ability. As with most things, learning to become a good roleplayer has a learning curve. The information in this section is intended to help you roleplay more efficiently and enjoy yourself while doing so!



Essential Information


Please read through this section carefully; it contains 'need to know' information for everyone roleplaying in our sim.

Common Terms Defined

Roleplaying in the World of Hogwarts by Danton Thirroul

The World of Hogwarts Approved Spells List

OOC vs. IC by Armen Bingyi

Guide to Factions by Danton Thirroul

Alternative Characters (ALTs)



Information About Students and Hogwarts

Please read this section if you are roleplaying as a student, professor or other resident of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Timetable of Classes

Decision on Uniforms and Wands by Shalinoth Kitsune

Fights, Arguments and Rows by Danton Thirroul

Ewwww.... by Danton Thirroul

Parents in the Ministry? by Libbie Bonetto



Information About Adults and the Ministry of Magic

If you are an adult wizard or want to know more about roleplaying in the other locations in our sim (especially the Ministry), read this section.

The Ministry of Magic - Internal Workings (Ministry FAQ)

Positions in the Ministry

The Ministry of Magic - Use Your Heads! by Danton Thirroul

Foreign Ministries by Danton Thirroul



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The Setting
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