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Parents in the Ministry? by Libbie Bonetto


Can you have parents in the Ministry? SURE no problem. But there are restrictions.



1) Your parent is a Non Player Character (NPC). He/She does not, will never share information about their job. No "OMG my daddeh is an Auror and killed Voldemort", or "OMG my mommy told me that your mommy is a dark witch and told me all the prophesies in the Hall of Prophesies!"

Your parent has a top secret job. And that's it. All you may have overheard is possibly -names- of workers in the Ministry. You run into a man, he introduces himself, and you can recognize the name. That is it! You may recognize a name.

2) Your parent cannot be a department head in the UK or Ireland. Why? Because there is only one of these, and we cannot have an NPC as a department head with played employees. Why? Because that's silly, that's why! Want to have a parent who is the Head of Magical Games and Sports? Awesome! They don't live here, they live elsewhere. You can still be British/Scottish/Irish, but your parents are in the fill-in-the-blank Ministry in some foreign land.

3) Because we are still a rather small sim, we only have the -central- departments in the Ministry. As we grow, we will add all the barely mentioned departments if needed.

4) Want an Auror parent (that's alive?). Cool! They cannot be assigned to Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, or Godric's Hollow. Why? They'd be fired! No one ever sees them around! They must be slacking on the job. Feel free to get creative with where they are stationed.

5) Exceptions -may- be allowed to -something-, if you have a DARNED good IC reason. There are people roleplaying exceptions to these rules, but they have back stories and plots that are extremely well thought out! You may be able to convince us why you need an exception the rule - maybe.

Please inform Libbie Bonetto or Danton Thirroul if you are currently roleplaying having a parent in the Ministry. We need to keep track, so the heads in the Ministry can RP having -heard- of your relative :) Or, even knowing them.


Ministry Positions Available to NPC Parents


Department of Magical Transportation
- Floo and Portkey Manager
- Floo Network Chimney Sweep
- Apparation Test Centre Employee

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
- Office for Centaur Relations
- Bureau for Dragon Research and Restraint
- Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures
- Office for House Elf Relocation
- Werewolf Relations and Registry
- Ghoul Task Force

Department of Magical Games and Sports
- Official Quidditch Scouts

Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
- Accidental Magical Reversal Squad
- Obliviator
- Muggle-worthy Excuse Committee

Department of Magical Law Enforcement
- Auror (note - May not be stationed in Hogwarts/Hogsmeade/Godric's Hollow)
- Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office

Department of International Cooperation
- Liaison to -Insert Country Here-. (note: May only be one of several, not the only)

Department of Mysteries
- Unspeakable (note: They are not permitted to divulge ANY information about their job - to ANYONE outside the Ministry, including your character)


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