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OOC vs. IC by Armen Bingyi


We have OOC (out of character) administration on this sim. The OOC admins are the ones who return objects left lying around, who deal with the shop, house, and estate rentals, who design and build the sim, who get rid of the griefers, and who, for want of a better term, police the roleplay. If a door doesn't work right or Darth Vader tries to cut your arm off in the Great Hall, that's what OOC administration is here for.



If your character is rejected for a job, or fired from a job, or disciplined at a job within the Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts, it's important to remember that these are IC (in character) events. OOC sim administration is not mad at you. You aren't in any trouble with us at all. If your character is not hired at Hogwarts, it is because the headmaster character decided that your character is not a good fit within the school. It is NOT because you, the player, have done anything wrong in any way.

It's important to remember in such an event that the person *playing* the headmaster does not have a problem with the person *playing* your character. The headmaster's writer is simply playing out his part, as must you as your character's writer.

By the same token, there are OOC rules, and there are IC rules. OOC rules are the ones you simply cannot break. Period. No griefing, no child-sex RP, stuff like that.

IC rules are rules that your CHARACTER should not break. For example, students must wear uniforms in the castle. You as your character's writer can choose not to wear your uniform. You will NOT get in trouble with sim administration for this. Your CHARACTER, however, will probably get punished. Again, remember that this is an *in character* punishment and does not reflect sim administration's feelings toward you in any way.

I hope this helps clear up the issue. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to IM me.


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