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If you are interested in The World of Hogwarts and would like to join in our roleplay, you may find the information below useful. Please be sure to join our new players support group (search for 'WoH New Player Support' in groups search) when you have joined, for help on getting started.



Character Creation Guide by Danton Thirroul

Sample Character Sheet

Where to Submit Your Character Sheet



Creating a Special Character


The vast majority of the characters in Harry Potter's world are normal(!) human beings. But it may be that you are interested in playing a non-human character, or one with certain special abilities. If so, there are several different kinds of character you could create.

Please note: with a few exceptions, all of these types of character are RARE in the books. Therefore, we do have a limit on how many of each can be played. If you are interested in playing a character like this, you should speak to our NMM officers Vikkie Vuckovic or Armen Bingyi. If you are interested in a type of character not on one of these lists, please also speak to Vikkie or Armen.


Humans with Special Abilities


We accept Witch and Wizard characters with the following special abilities - Animagi, Metamorphagi, Parselmouths, Legilimens/Occlumens, Seers and Dark Wizards. Please again note that there is a limit to how many characters can exist with these abilities. Please ensure you have read the page for your chosen ability before beginning to RP it.



So You Wanna Play a Dark Wizard? by Danton Thirroul


Non-human Characters


Non-human characters we accept currently include Ghosts, House Elves, Goblins, Werewolves, Centaurs, Merpeople, Vampires, Veela (and part-Veela), Trolls, Part-Giants, Kneazles and Phoenixes. If you have applied to roleplay a non-human or otherwise 'special' character, the notes below might help you to create and make the most of your character.







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