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Guide to Factions by Danton Thirroul


Nothing stands still. A good roleplay campaign is always moving. Always developing. Already I have had great feedback over the factions issue - and much of it very exciting.



Student Factions


*Faction: The Ravenclaw
*Internal Faction: ‘The Raven’s Claw’: An arrogant and demanding faction within the house - see themselves as the natural leaders.
*Internal Faction (open to all students): ‘The Pudding Club’ Duellists - much more relaxed and easygoing.

*Faction: The Gryffindor
*Internal Faction: ‘The Nickers’ (Not In Our Common Room) - those who rebel against the natural conservatism of the house.

*Faction: The Slytherin
*Internal Faction: ‘The Snake Bite’ - New 'elite’ Slytherin, very progressive, very forward thinking; dominates the house right now.

*Faction: The Hufflepuff
*Internal Faction: ‘The Badger's Bite’ - who exist to train themselves up to become Aurors and agents of the Ministry.


Adult Factions


*The New Order
A powerful and influential group of Wizards who want to reform Wizarding society and base some of it upon muggle concepts of justice, law and order, meritocratic values (the best people get the jobs, not a friend of a friend) and maybe, heaven forbid, democracy. Violently opposed to bigotry, nepotism, and corruption - and the whole pure-blood, muggle-blood nonsense. They see themselves as the true heirs of Shacklebolt!

*Faction: The ‘Status Quo’
Group who like the way things were done. Mostly made up of pure-bloods, but not always, the Status Quo believes that ‘things are not broken, so let’s not fix it’. This being said - mostly they are pure-bloods who help each other out. Old school nepotism mixed with natural love of tradition.

*Faction: The Cabals
Dark Wizards join these.

*Faction: ‘Biedermann’s Boys’
Group dedicated to helping Sigmar Biedermann run Hogsmeade.


New Factions


Part and parcel of the opening scenario and the whole campaign is the opportunity to FORM new factions. Players are free do so so - a faction can be you and your mates (weak and only able to achieve anything if you ally with or seek the help of a larger faction), or you can really try and make a faction become a big ole influence on the campaign. Remember - the other players are your audience- so if you want to make a new faction make it one that will entertain them.

So starting your own is fine (this applies to adults mostly - student factions that want to transcend House politics should look to existing factions for ideas - The Pudding Club, while based in Ravenclaw, can be open to all). Several factions are kinda crying out to ally in order to help each other (Old-school Slytherin and House Gryffindor for example; The Raven’s Claws and the Snake Bites are another - and the Snake Bites and the New Order society as well).

What not to do? Say 'I am a special snowflake and no faction fits me' - actually 99% of all characters can find their beliefs in many of these factions, if they break it down. What can be said is ‘I like that part of this faction but not THAT part’ - which is kinda normal. Very few people support a political party for ALL its views; just most/some of them yeah?

The game is set up that the power to influence everything IC lies in the hands of people- factions- and that you can change anything you want by forming and joining a faction. But please note - if you are not part of a faction, things become tougher to focus for you. Without the conflict there is no drama.

Oh and all we ask is if you found a faction - can you tell us about it. We have 13 factions above us. Yours can join the list. Remember a faction is NOT a secret society - it’s an open faction. A secret society is something you can just form as and when you wish.

Remember - here - you do it and we react!!! Go go make drama!!!


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