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Foreign Ministries by Danton Thirroul


OK, now this WILL annoy some folks instantly and at once - but I am so sorry and will explain stuff instantly and at once.



No one will ever, ever, ever and I mean EVER in any game I run, in any way shape or form, represent another Ministry of Magic or another Wizarding nation. Oh sure you can come from said nation, but you will never in the World of Hogwarts campaign, be a representative, an ambassador, a Ministry official, etc. Over my DEAD and recently mutilated body.

Why so strict? Well, this does not apply to YOU but whenever I see this, what I actually see is someone saying “I want ALL the powers but without a check or balance” - maybe your idea is different, but I am not gonna take the risk on principle.

Foreign diplomats in RP are traditionally the excuse for the following:
- Players imposing THEIR ideas of a Wizarding nation upon us/the game universe/J.K. Rowling’s ideas (most examples I have seen so far have been whacked).
- Players using these weird differences to allow new and unusual things on their characters (I HAVE been asked to allow Wizards with magical Glocks and sub machine guns, all based on a ‘different nation’ - a.k.a. the old ‘Well, of course none of the BRITISH Wizards carry automatic rifles but in THIS country…’)
- Players claim to ‘work for’ someone, but really when offered doing the identical same job in the UK Ministry they object. When they discover that we WILL insist they answer to someone for their deeds. The second I hear the words, ‘But surely I will have diplomatic immunity…’ is the second I see every single one of their plots over the next two months laid out in very simplistic style before me.

So, sorry if this offends a single soul… and I am sure you are not like the… well I am sure it does not apply to you. But for the above reasons I introduce a blanket ban with the same relish and glee of a B-52 carpet bombing the mountains of Tora Bora! I MAY allow other nations if WE run the other nations... and there are NO plans just yet!

Thank you... These are not the droids you are looking for!


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