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Decision on Uniforms and Wands by Shalinoth Kitsune


The following is an in character announcement from the current Headmaster of Hogwarts in our RP, Shalinoth Kitsune. Following or disobeying these rules will not cause any OOC problems, but be aware your character may be punished for not following them.



These uniform codes of conduct will be observed whilst in Hogwarts. As will the rulings on wands which follow after them.


Male Persuasion


Young men, you will tuck your shirts in and refrain from excessive displays of superfluous accessorising. This includes an inordinate amount of spiked wristbands and belts which present safety hazards both physically, for obvious reasons, and magically, in that the metals may interfere with your wand-work. In classes, all traces of non-uniformity shall be removed. Outside classes, present yourself neatly as befits the scholarly gentleman. In the commons, you may relax uniform. However I would prefer if you wore your own clothing there than if you slouched and disrespected the colours of your House Founder. Piercings, to be kept very minimal, are restricted to fifth years and above, and will be removed prior to making your way to classes. Lastly, for now, your hair is entirely yours to torture as you see fit. I ask only that this does not interfere with schoolwork, your own or others.


Female Persuasion


Young women, you will wear your shirts and blouses fully buttoned up and observe the same accessory protocols set out for your male counterparts. In addition, excessive jewellery is restricted to fifth years and above. Large hoop earrings are absolutely forbidden. Excessive makeup is highly inadvisable and though not a breach of protocol, it may be viewed as a painted stain upon your dignity. Please take special note of the following piece of advice. To show one's knees is not very ladylike at all. Skirts will be worn which cover the knees, in combination with suitable shin or higher socks. Alternatively, if your tailor or seamstress saw fit to clothe you inadequately, full-leg black stockings will be worn to compensate for their failings. Finally, if any of you ladies are so inclined, you may indeed now wear the same trousers as your male schoolmates. You will observe the same rulings on classroom strictness, hallway neatness, and common room informality. The same rulings on hair apply.


Wands Protocol


This Rule has not changed in all my years at Hogwarts, before and after I joined Faculty. Wands are not to be drawn outside of the classroom or away from the supervision of a member of Faculty. Your wands are to remain concealed or sheathed between classes, drawn only in times of great need or pressing duty. On occasion, your Prefects and Head Students are exempt from this ruling for the purposes of better fulfilling their responsibilities.

Let me clarify. In saying that drawing your wand outside class was forbidden, I was referring to drawing your wand in an act of offence upon another student. We live and breathe magic, and we are here to better learn to handle and hone that power, and the responsibility it carries for all Wizardkind. Everyday magical tasks are a way of life. You will not be told off for opening your morning mail with the Diffindo charm, nor will you be chastised for packing your bag with your wand. You may of course be disciplined for the blatant abuse of magic if a professor sees fit to correct your conduct. And you -will- be detained if caught in the act of violent magic upon a fellow student. Use your best judgement, think before you cast, and everything should be dunkyhorey... as our American transfers might say.


Student Hierarchy


When a superior such as a Prefect or Head Boy or Head Girl brings any of this information to your attention, or finds it necessary to punish you for breaking or challenging these rules, they are doing so under the wishes of their superiors. When you enter into a dispute with Prefects about their rulings, you are indirectly entering into a dispute with their Heads of House. And when you question the actions of my Head Boy and Head Girl, you are questioning me. Bear these things in mind please. Positions of authority are not granted lightly, and a lot of trust is placed in these young men and women.

That is all.

~Signed in ornate script~
Shalinoth Lucas Kitsune.


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