Constitution & Rules


The World of Hogwarts Constitution


We, the roleplayers of the The World of Hogwarts, in order to form a fantastic roleplaying group that ensures justice, equality, fairness, and promotes canon roleplay based on the world created by J.K. Rowling, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution for The World of Hogwarts RPG.



I. GM Council

The GM Council will serve as the overall governing body of the group. The GM Council's goals are as follows:

* To uphold the designs of the group constitution.
* To foster & promote roleplaying in the group.
* To approve and oversees various committees within the group.
* To serve as first responders in the case of griefing, conflicts, etc.
* To meet regularly and preserve the interests of the roleplayers.
* To have continuous communication with the roleplayers they represent and to propose actions in the best interest of the roleplayers and the roleplay.
* To have continuous communication and mutual respect for the other offices which report in to the GM Council and provide the support they need.

More GM Council members will be added through group nominations and GM Council vote. These members will be nominated pending acceptance. The GM Council will vote from the nominations based on merit and non-monetary contributions to the sim and/or roleplay.


II. The Drama Department

The Drama Department will consist of a Drama Department Lead and his/her assistant, the Chief of Staff who will serve as second-in-command and head the roleplay if the Drama Lead is in absentia.

The Head of Drama will oversee the roleplaying aspects of the game as well as make decisions regarding staffing and format of the drama department.


III. New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry will consist of a New Member Ministry Lead.

The New Members Ministry will oversee the admissions aspects of the sim. They will make decisions regarding staffing and format of the NMM. In addition, they will also review and vote on the acceptance of "special" characters.


IV. Security Team

The Security Team will consist of a Security Lead who will work with the Estate Manager(s) and parcel owners.

The Security Team will protect the land against griefers, offensive people, and other things that may severely or negatively impact the out-of-character performance of the sim. They shall eject and ban persons who break sim rules and/or Second Life Terms of Service.


V. Checks and Balances

World of Hogwarts has an Open Door Policy. At any time, a player may appeal to the GM Council regarding a decision made by the Drama Faculty, New Members Ministry, or Security Team. The GM Council will convene with the area and receive feedback regarding the situation.

The GM Council may override a previous ruling by the DD, NMM, or ST through 3/4ths majority vote. There must be a quorum (at least half members present) to vote.


VI. Player Character Bans

All accepted and approved characters are subject to a "three strikes" policy. This applies to ALL members- including the GM Council and all factions.

1. Player is warned.
2. Player is given a 24-hour-ban.
3. Player is given a week ban.

Three strikes and you're out. If a player breaks the rules again after a week ban, the player is permanently banned from the sim. After a week ban, the player should discuss a potential counselling plan and meet with a roleplay mentor to try to alleviate the issue.

All infractions will be kept on file and count against the player. After 6 months of no incident, the GM Council may vote to have a player's record wiped clean.

If a player is permanently banned, he/she may appeal to the GM Council using the Ban Appeal Form.


VII. Mobility

Any part of this Constitution may be adapted or changed by a 3/4ths majority GM Council vote. it is in the earnest that this be a fluid document that expresses the desire for the roleplay to be enjoyable for everyone.


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