Roleplay Information


Common Terms Defined


You'll see a lot of new acronyms and terms when roleplaying in our sim. Here's what some of them mean.



IC - In Character

OOC - Out Of Character

RP - Roleplay

GMC - Game Master Council. The GMC is a group of players who organise and govern the sim.

NMM - New Member Ministry/Minister. NMMs approve new members, alts and special characters, and sort character sheets.

RPO - Role Play Organiser. RPOs (under the direction of the Head of Roleplay) create, organise and otherwise deal with plots and storylines.

Light RP - Roleplaying takes place in an area marked 'Light RP', but OOC is allowed and expected as well. The only area in our sim which is designated as light RP is Diagon Alley.

Low RP - See Light RP

High RP - An area in which roleplaying takes priority. OOC only briefly, and only when necessary. Take extended OOC conversation to IMs. Most areas of the sim are high RP, especially Hogsmeade and the castle.

Alt - An alt is an 'alternative character', a player's 'second' character, which they play alongside their first. These can be played by a using a titler (words hovering above a player's head), or by creating a new SL account.

Godmoding - This is making an action without letting someone respond. Example:
John shoots Stewart, the bullet entering his chest and killing him instantly.
This should be played as "John shoots at Stewart, aiming for the chest."
That allows Stewart to decide whether or not to get shot, dodge, shoot back before getting hit, etc. Godmoding is strictly discouraged in our roleplay.

Metagaming - This is taking information that you know but your character did not learn IC, and using it in the game. We don't allow metagaming in our roleplay, and would like players to be vigilant. For example, if you see a conversation happening, but it's taking place on the other side of a stone wall, your character wouldn't be able to hear it even though you can see it. To use what you see on the screen would be metagaming.


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