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This is the current (to the best of my knowledge) timetable of IC classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If you are a student and wish to sign up for one of these classes, please tap your wand upon the pigeon holes in the Entrance Hall alcove for your maximum of four chosen classes. Where a lesson's location hasn't been marked, please IM the professor taking the class on the day of the class. All times are SLT/PDT.



Muggle Studies @ 2pm : Ambrose Huddleston ((Vulcent kohime))
Healing Arts @ 3pm : Verity Willowsbrook ((Verity Fanshaw))

History of Magic @ 1pm [Overlap] : Rowena Rendelstein ((Same))
Wizarding Ethics @ 130pm [Overlap] : Prof Copplepot ((Sidonie Carlber)) 
Care of Creatures @ 5pm : Gertrude Lorefield ((Same))

Alchemy @ 12noon : Maximus Bade ((Same))
Artefacts @ 2pm : Danton Thirroul ((Same))
Astronomy @ 4pm  ~Astronomy Tower~ : Julian Havelock ((Sandulf Spitteler))
Arithmancy @ 6pm : Armandi Goodliffe  ((Same))
Potions @ 7pm ~Potions Lab~ : Prof Silversmith ((Joseph Larkin))

Herbology @ 1pm ~Greenhouse~ : Valerius Maximus ((Same))
Charms @ 6pm : Noa Snoodle ((Same))

Transfigurations @ 130pm  ~Outside on grass~ : Nicolina Nightfire ((Same))
Runecasting @ 5pm : Adikio Takakura ((Same))
Choir @ 7pm ~Great Hall~ : Antigone Nott ((Luthien Bizious))

Quidditch Club @ 1pm ~ Quidditch Pitch~ : Marina ((Miranda Milestone))
Magical Law @ 3pm : Jeffery Worbridge  ((Same))
Divinations @ 6pm  ~Divination Tower~ : Prof Nick ((Nicholas Rozenstrauch))

Arithmancy @ 9am : Armandi Goodliffe ((Same))
Debate Society @ 2pm or 3pm [Every Other Week] : Copplepot/Nightfire


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