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This is an example of what your character sheet might look like. Remember, you can write as much or as little as you like.



SL Name: Luthien Biziou

Character Name: Jenna Jones

Character Gender: Female

Year (if in school): 3rd year

House (if in school): Hufflepuff

Age: 13

Profession (if adult): n/a

Blood: Muggle-born

History: Jenna's father is a muggle in the US military. He was stationed in the UK so Jenna and her mom moved with them. When Jenna turned 11, she got her invitation to Hogwarts. She was thrilled to be a witch and her parents are happy for her.

Goals: To help others any way she can. To possibly become a Hufflepuff prefect or head girl. She also wants to join the Hogwarts choir. I would like to participate in lots of storylines that are focused on character development.

Abilities, Talents: Likes Herbology. Learns charm spells quickly. Likes elemental charms especially.

Wand: Hickory, phoenix feather, 10". Solid and good for elemental spells.

Misc. Info: A polite girl who is shy but likes to help others.


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