Threats from angry Centaurs.

So whats been going on, well, the centaurs are definitely getting restless. Jayden is telling tales of how one tried to spear him, but lucky for him just made a hole in his jumper and two centaurs turned up to disrupt wandlore class, yelling about some missing person or something like that and things were looking sketchy until professor D’Evereux scared em off.

In other parts of the castle, the homunculi – that’s what they are called apparently – are still appearing. Lucky for us professor Eichenholz seemed to know a fair bit about them and gave his class a bit of a warning on how dangerous they can be. Best not to use magic around them, seems like they kind of absorb it and you just make them stronger.

So there you have it angry centaurs around the outside of the castle and little magic sucking creepy crawlies inside it! It’s starting to feel like school isnt gonna be so safe this term.

So keep your eyes open students and dont go do anything risky. Unless you’re sure you want to.