The Last Four Years

Inside the main entrance of the fourth castle

Players wanted change, the GMC refused. In the end the GMC voted for closure but forgot that it never had the power to do so. That was when I stepped in with my second rescue plan, although not before Zandra Karillion became the third head of the New Members Ministry to run off with all the character sheets and the alt list.

That decided me on some changes I was determined to make. The New Members Ministry had failed over and over and had repeatedly broken faith and slowed down sim access. Danton asked Luthien to aid with a problem, and she had done it faithfully, but time and again thereafter the NMM had seen itself as a gate keeper for the sim in a way that repeatedly blocked access and turned good people away.

Someone like Luthien was what we needed and not some empire builder who thought that the information in the NMM was a secret that not even the RP lead could see. Repeatedly the NMM had absolutely refused to allow the RPD access to the character sheets and information, which was a nonsense, and repeatedly NMMs would flounce away, taking the information with them.

Henceforth admissions would be under the jurisdiction of the RP lead. Moreover we would put character sheets on the web site where they could be searched and accessed by anyone, and where no one person could run off with all the sheets again. I was determined there would be no fourth NMM stealing the data from the role play.

When the GMC voted for closure they forgot that World of Hogwarts/Hogwarts Reborn is and always has been a player run roleplay, and the players had not gone away – they just wanted the chance to carry on playing! So we let Witchcraft go, but I immediately bought us a new sim and named it Forbidden Forest. Trodden bought us a castle and I had enough of the builds from Godric’s Hollow to get us going again. In no time we were up and running with a brand new GMC, a brand new group. As the website owner I was able to bring our website back, although that was later redesigned by Chiyo Selona.

Since then we have built a wonderful community of players. We still technically have a GMC, and you can still be elected to it if you like, but we have stopped trying to act like a government. GMC just talks about making builds better, or improving role play, and all in all we have become more relaxed. And it has worked. Since we relaunched in 2012 on Forbidden Forest sim there has been no major drama. We have only banned, I think, one role player for being disruptive and offensive. We have not had huge fights, we continue to get on with each other, plots and classes have carried on, some on a weekly basis for four years. We have had the longest and most successful period in World of Hogwarts history.

Things that have changed from the beginning to now:
-Open Sim
-No applications, Role Play to earn group status
-Role Players are allowed free reign with personal plots
-Conserve prims with rezzers and giving a magical feel to the castle
-Learning to Role Play classes are done during breaks for all of SL
-Quidditch is open to all of SL
-The role players are the GMC, admins, builders, event coordinators, plot creators, and anything else they want to help with.
-The lack of drama is because we are all a Hogwarts family, helping each other to run the sim.

And that is down to you too. You, the players who have just wanted to enjoy role play with friends, keep the drama in character, experience the wonder of Hogwarts.

We are what we are because of you, and not one person who has been determined to make World of Hogwarts all about them has ever succeeded. Instead the sim the concept created by Darcy, Harry and Danton has endured for ten years. Characters have grown up in Hogwarts, magic has been experienced, legends have been made, friendships forged. Luthien’s dream for a player led experience has come to fruition.

We are still here because,

We are Hogwarts.