The First Players

This is a note from Danton Thirroul to Darcy Rutledge, listing all 152 of the first members of our role-play. Every one of these had filled out a character sheet, and had it approved by Danton Thirroul. Many more joined after this but these are the first 152 role-players.

The Audited

Darcy- here they are.
I promised you- give me a week and I will have your characters named and listed- and as promised…

These are OURS- the people who bothered to create characters, who took time and effort to get involved and if we nurture them and treasure them and encourage them, these will be the base upon which we can build the campaign.
Not ALL of them will be playing come next week- some got involved in the early weeks and have dropped. Some are brand new.
But now we can track, now we can follow, now we have a manageble list.

Here are the SL names of the 152 registered characters in Hogwarts Reborn (there could be less- I tried to avoid duplicates but my brain is melting).

These are the ones who should have acess to the full sim to role-play and they will fill it with life, noise and IC detail. Dunno how many are already in the list- probably most of these good folks.
One or two are definatly NOT in (BBE Bailey) but are listed below.what did Dr tell you

Beyond this?
NOW I start giving you what I promised- the best damn rpg campaign in Second Life. And you WILL have a chance to play I promise.

Name: (hedeki gray)
Name: Aberystwyth Lane
Name: Aethen Mathys
Name: Alma Beaumont
Name: Almira Leopold
Name: ALPtraum Staheli
Name: AmandaAshley Auer
Name: Angus Mesmer
Name: Armandi Goodliffe *
Name: Ashlyn Vandeverre
Name: Audra Graves *
Name: Auriga Brissot
Name: Axl Ronmark
Name: Basic Henley
Name: Bella Houston
Name: Benji Demina Character Name: Bill Friis
Name: Bigbrowneyes Bailey
Name: Brianna Summers
Name: Brittney Barry
Name: Cali Lei *
Name: Cecily Carter
Name: Celeste Witherspoon *
Name: Cerise Lundquist
Name: christianfeo Bonito Character Name: Christian Bonito
Name: Cirasolei London *
Name: Cocker Jarvis
Name: Cole Chestnut
Name: Cornelius Colman
Name: Criz Vuckovic
Name: Crystal Rolland
Name: Curious Rousselot
Name: Daisy Crowley Character Name: Daisy Asia Crowley *
Name: Damion Rockett
Name: Danton Thirroul (me)
Name: Darcy (you)
Name: Dice Ryder
Name: DJ224Gustafson
Name: DJW Slade
Name: Dommy Voom
Name: Donney Dagger
Name: DragonCraig Oh
Name: Duke Sealov (sp?) *
Name: Eliza Lowey
Name: Elizabeth Sassoon
Name: Elwe Eldrich
Name: Emilress Andric
Name: EmmaPeel Beaumont
Name: Fawkes Devoix
Name: Fiesty Lotus
Name: Firenze Ihnen
Name: Floreana Writer
Name: Friday Dagger
Name: Gianin McMillan Character Name: Gianin Nicolas McMillan
Name: Ginny Laval
Name: Gwion Merlin Character Name: Gwion Bach *
Name: Harry Prefect
Name: Hermione Ferraris
Name: Hesius Heron
Name: HexxKitten Soleil
Name: Hooten Haller
Name: Isabella Nurmi Character Name: Isabella Jones
Name: Ittybitty Blackflag
Name: Iver Kiernan
Name: Ivy Norsk
Name: Ixiya Delcon
Name: Jamesf991 Flanagan Character Name: James Flanagan *
Name: Jasminelane Melnik
Name: JasonRAH Heron
Name: joehayter dingson
Name: Jonothan McMillan
Name: Julian Savon
Name: Kaleigh Koba
Name: Kiana Daniels *
Name: Kim Rodgers
Name: Kirala Slade
Name: KittyMarie Novi
Name: Konner Karas *
Name: Korak Constantineau
Name: Kusac Hoorenbeek
Name: Larson Enoch
Name: Leeloo Mill
Name: Liana Tamale
Name: Lilian Levi
Name: Lillith Ludwig
Name: Lily Lewellen
Name: Liona Clio
Name: Lissie Brenham
Name: Liviu Arkin
Name: Lucius Zhukovsky
Name: Lumina Rau
Name: Luthien Biziou Character Name: Luthien Lestrange
Name: Madam Nako Bing
Name: MagickaL Vollmar
Name: Marantha Carter Character Name: Marantha Anastasia
Name: Marisa Yip
Name: Matt Shiras
Name: Melisante Vaughan
Name: Melyodi Momiji Character Name: (Melody)
Name: Memphis Goodnight
Name: Merlot Zymurgy
Name: Merlyn Beaumont
Name: Merosi
Name: Mick44 Oyen
Name: Minx Mousehold
Name: Miranda Milestone
Name: Modestus Dagger
Name: Mona Howitt
Name: Morganna Messmer Character Name: Morganna Arachne
Name: Mulon Raymaker
Name: Musicteacher Rampal
Name: Nirak Trescothick
Name: Nora Gerhadsen
Name: Oni Dae
Name: Pasha Korvin
Name: Peter Sakai
Name: Piper Erato
Name: PrettyFlower Vale
Name: Quidia Merlin
Name: Rasputin Milev
Name: Remus Lupino
Name: Ren Tamura
Name: Riko Kamachi *
Name: Rosemary Zehetbauer *
Name: Ryshalla Hoorenbeek Character Name: Emily Willowsbrook *
Name: Samantha Widdershins
Name: Sano Ra
Name: Sarahbaby Bailey
Name: Segyn Salming
Name: Seishin Hyun
Name: Shalinoth Kitsune
Name: Shamera Kohime
Name: Sharp Clave
Name: Sherry Scofield
Name: Sia Blachere
Name: Silvie Silvera *
Name: Splinter Batz.
Name: Squeekie Hax
Name: Steffyl Voom
Name: Taco Fackler
Name: Taera Babii
Name: Taylor Berzin
Name: Tempest Hawks
Name: Theodore DuCasse
Name: Timid Kidd
Name: tiny Lyne. *
Name: Trex Graves
Name: Tristan Aridian
Name: Turbo Racecourse
Name: Tyiler Scarborough
Name: Vulcent Kohime Character Name: Ambrose Huddleston *
Name: Wendera Sautereau
Name: Yumi Darkes