Visiting and role-playing in WoH is a privilege – not a right. You are on a private sim run by the admins/GMC on behalf of the players. Failure to follow rules & guides may result in immediate ejection or banishment by admins. You are also expected to follow the Linden Labs TOS.

Sim Rules:

  1. Visitors may role-play at World of Hogwarts only as a regular Hogwart student. To gain group status you will need approval from an admin during role playing.
  2. If the admin doesn’t feel you were able to show adequate ability to role play in the time available they might suggest another time to show your ability, or they might suggest possible ways to improve your chances of getting group status.
  3. Visitors that are just observing must wear an observer tag, not speak in open chat in the castle, and dress appropriately for a mature sim.
  4. Griefing, harassment and any behavior in conflict with the role-play environment will not be tolerated. This includes particle effects, high lag objects and clothing, and props. If you are asked to stop what you are doing by staff, please stop. Failure to do so may lead to your removal from the sim.
  5. World of Hogwarts is a designated “mature” rated sim, even so NO ONE may engage in any form of sexually-oriented role-play. No sex or nudity on sim. No romance between adults and children/students in-character. No excuses.
  6. By being on Second Life and on our sim you are assumed to be a mature adult. If you cannot act as such out of character, you may face consequences by staff.
  7. Treat other people as you would like to be treated.
  8. No discrimination of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation will be tolerated.
  9. For those in the sim group, please pick up after yourself. If you rez something on sim that is not part of the permanent build, it will be returned to you. Chronic abuse will lead to consequences.
  10. Do not interrupt role-play in progress with out of character talk in local chat. If you have a question, IM someone present. If you are contacted by someone, please be friendly and pleasant and do your best to help or refer them to an Admin/GMC.
  11. You must remain “in-character” while in the castle and other designated role-play areas. (The welcome center and shopping are out of character zones and safe for normal chat.) Sometimes out of character chat to clarify points or ask questions about an in-character post is permitted. Please try to keep out of character posts to a minimum and go into IM or group chat for longer chats of this nature.
  12. Do not go AFK (away from keyboard) for long periods of time in high traffic role-play areas, doorways, or in the sim landing point. Please move to low traffic areas if you are to go for AFK. Infractions may result in immediate ejection or banishment
  13. Adult characters will need to first role play as 7th years in your adult shape, in uniform to get group approval by Admin.
  14. After you get group status you can apply for in-character role or special abilities.
  15. Only approved members of World of Hogwarts may hold an out of character role.

Roleplay Rules:

  1. The time is the present day and on Second Life time. Hogwarts has been restored, the old divisions erased and the Ministry of Magic reformed.
  2. You may not play any canon character from the Harry Potter stories.
  3. Have FUN and make sure your actions are not interfering with the fun of others.
  4. All Special Characters have to be approved by the New Member Ministry. Not all abilities are currently open and have a waiting list. Also a Photo required before application will be approved. This includes but not limited to:  Animagi-Vampires-Metamorphamagi-Parseltongues- Dark Wizards-Veela-Legilimens-Occlumens-SeersEmpaths-Half-Giants- Werewolves -Aurors -Centaurs*-Ghosts*-Trolls*-House Elves*-Merpeople*-Goblins*-Kneazles*-Thestrils*-Unicorns*- Animals/Pets of any sort*
  5. Role-players should inform Role-play Department about special abilities too, as these could make good plot elements.
  6. You must be able to operate the Second Life viewer and post in English without relying on translators. If you cannot do these then this will not be a good or fun experience for you or others.
  7. All approved characters are welcome to role-play at any time. If it is daytime then play normal day-to-day activities like classes, homework, etc. If it is evening, role-play in the dorms with your housemates or adults play in the pub or family life, or working late. Social role-play is highly encouraged! If you come upon a scene and want to be involved but aren’t sure if it’s okay with them, then IM the players and ask.
  8. No godmodding, metagaming, powerplay, out of character drama, or scene hijacking. If you are contacted about this behavior by a admin/GM or another player, do not get defensive. If you feel you are not in the wrong, have a conversation with them in IM. We all make mistakes and learning from them will make us all better role-players.
  9. While in role-play, follow the roles of your character. For example: if a professor asks a student to leave and change into proper uniform, or leave their class for misbehavior, etc then the character should do so or face consequences in-character, detention, and then suspension. If things get out of hand and out-of-character staff is brought in to mediate situations, it will result in a in-character and out-of-Character suspension from the sim for the amount of time given in role play.
  10. Please try to post within 3-5 minutes.  Some role-players prefer shorter posts (speed RP), and some prefer longer ones (para RP). Try to find a balance between good paragraph role-play and responsive times with the group you are role-playing with at the time. Maybe IM the other players and have a friendly chat to see if they are willing to role-play in your style.
  11. Be sensible and ‘realistic’ in your role-play. We know the ‘realistic’ is a bit difficult when in context of magical role-play, but do use your head. Make sure your character has a reason for joining in on role-play with others, especially if they are in a more private location not easily spotted from hallways and busy rooms and such. If others are in chat range and you can see their posts but they are in another room or on another floor, then your character could not possibly hear their conversation unless they were shouting or being particularly noisy. Not every character is the smartest, or the prettiest, or the most athletic, or evil, or has the most adventurous or glamorous past. We ask that you use common sense with your characters and posts. If you have questions or need help, simply contact the role-play department.