Godmodding/ Metagaming / Powerplay/Retconning

IC = in-character
OOC = out of character
RP = Role Play


God Modding is Role Playing unrealistically
-Such as being untouchable, godlike, overly powerful, knowing too much, ability to control others, erasing the past-

  • An example:
    Bad-Todd saves the entire group from the hot dragon fire with his awesome 1st year, miraculous, Harry Potter like, skills.
    Good-Todd jumps behind the fallen tree with his friends from the dragon fire.
  • A good guide for Dodging spells:
    1st year 1 out of 10 spells
    2nd year 2 out of 10 spells
    3rd year 3 out of 10 spells
    4th year 4 out of 10 spells
    5th year 5 out of 10 spells
    6th year 6 out of 10 spells
    7th year 7 out of 10 spells
    Adults 8 out of 10 spells
    -Of course you can play your character to get hit more often-
  • Casting Spells:
    Ability to use only the spells in your year or below in the spell list
    All spells above your year you will fail
  • Metagaming

    MetaGaming is a form of Godmodding
    -Using out-of-game information gaining an unrealistic advantage in RP.
    This includes:
    *Titler information
    *Profile information
    *OOC information
    If you didn’t learn about it in RP you can’t use it.

  • An example:
    Bad-Todd sees the new kid ‘Hello Robert Welcome to Hogwarts’
    Good-Todd sees the new kid ‘Hello I am Todd,What is your name?’
  • Powerplay

    Power playing is a form of God Modding.
    -Unrealistically controlling a character not your own, as well as your own, without the other person’s permission.

  • An example:
    Bad-Todd shoots ropes from his wand and it ties up Robert tightly,not letting him fight back.
    Good-Todd shoots ropes from his wand aimed at Robert back.
  • Retconning

    Retconning is a form of God Modding.
    -Role playing that RP that has already happened never happened

  • An example:
    Bad-Todd walks past the detention room.
    Good-Todd walks into detention knowing he misbehaved in class and now has to pay for his hexing Robert.
  • God Modding causes a lot of
    frustration, and it can make the game boring and predictable.

    All the players in Hogwarts have invested a lot of time and effort into thinking up their story, thinking about what their character’s place will be in this school, and spent time writing the story in their head. To have all this undermined by another member can really ruin the experience of the game for other players.

    Resource: Urban Dictionary of Role Playing