Written by Callum Lothian
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“Ten years have passed, Sibyll,” said McGonagall.

Trelawney sniffed and reached for another bon-bon. McGonagall pursed her lips at the unnecessary display of unhappiness but didn’t say anything. Her eyes stared out of the window, out towards the snow-covered trees of the forest which surrounded the castle.

This is how we introduced Hogwarts Roleplay in Second Life, set in the year 2007. Ten years had passed since the wizard war and now? Now ten years have passed since the start of our role-play. Ten years of Hogwarts Role-play in second life.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement we have written this illustrated history of Hogwarts Roleplay. All histories are incomplete, but we have researched widely and incorporated material from all the early pioneers of the roleplay. There is mor information than you can take in in one quick reading so check out the links to read more.

But first there is a question that must be addressed. When is the 10 year anniversary exactly? There are three contending dates, one of which is already past: the first builds of a Hogwarts theme sim began in the autumn of 2006. Nevertheless there was no formal role-play until Hogwarts Reborn role-play began on 28 May 2007. The World of Hogwarts roleplay began in Nvember 2007 (more on that later).

We take the view that the birth of our role-play was 28 May 2007. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Since May 28th there has been continuous unbroken role-play that evolved from but was always related to that which Danton Thirroul started;
  2. Although our group is called The World of Hogwarts, its full name is actually “The World of Hogwarts / Hogwarts Reborn”. In 2008 the World of Hogwarts merged back with Hogwarts Reborn, and all character histories from both role-plays were fully respected. Thus we are Hogwarts Reborn. We have moved sims, changed names, had crises, even lost control of the group more than once, but we are still the continuous role-play that began on 28 May 2007. Happy Birthday Hogwarts Reborn and the World of Hogwarts.

This is The World of Hogwarts.

Gwion's custom made Angus Mesmer wand

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