Danton Again

In addition to the note sent to all players, Danton sent this note to all members of the drama department, his team. Reading this with the other one it is possible to get a bigger picture of what was happening in Danton’s mind in the sim. Sadly we don’t have the same level of detail from Harry’s side, but for the sake of creating as complete a history as possible, here is Danton’s “Full Disclosure”.

Danton: Full Disclosure

OK- this one is for all members of the drama department-
You guys have always been honest with me. So I am now being honest with you.
What has been happening… using very small words!

So- what is happening

It is simple.
Some weeks ago Darcy and Harry approached me expressing a unhappiness with Luthien.
Simply they believed that Luthien was doing too much.
I did not.
We disagreed.

I for one did not see Luthien doing what she did as a bad thing. For me, Luthien did about 50 times more things than I did. If there was someone messing up, it was me, not Luthien.

This argument between Darcy and Harry and myself was the backdrop behind the weeks events.
ALL the weeks events.
I could offer very clear and common sense explanations about how even the Quidditch game was caused by this row, but it strays into the subjective and personal at that point and I won’t.

So, on Tuesday after arguing and rowing ALL day, I end up in the drama faculty meeting. And have a row. And then after I had asked to go for 48 hours to sort my head out, Darcy and Harry wanna meet me. So I do. For two hours.
And I explain how I do NOT see Luthien as ANYTHING but a positive influence upon the drama faculty and the sim in general.

And say I AM rather unhappy at the fact that for the first time since I joined this sim, I disagree with both Darcy and Harry.
I leave the meeting.
Asking ONLY that they wait the 48 hours before ‘doing anything big’.

And then ta-da!

What happened?
Harry had some complaints.
He did not have MANY complaints- he had LOUD complaints
The complainers were very good at sounding LOUD and appearing many.
The complaints went as followed:
One member of the drama department once told ONE player (maybe) that their roleplay was invalidated.
I am still unsure if it was a member of the drama faculty telling another if their plot was invalidated.

Harry acted.
I think in his heart Harry meant NO insult upon anyone. I really REALLY think he has no malice within him at all. In all my workings with Harry I see him as a VERY decent chap- the kinda person I get on well with.
He only acts where he sees a BIG issue.

Let me be blunt- I could SO be wrong.
Harry could have been sat on an ocean of complaints!!!!!
He could have had many hundreds from hundreds of role-players in the sim.
What do I know?

I really do not believe he intended any malice or hostility towards Luthien.

But he DID cause pain, it WAS a personal rebuke and insult and it did sting.

I suppose what stung about it is this- EVERYTHING Luthien had been asked to do she did.
Set up the NMM under mine and Darcy’s direct control?
She did.
Follow mine and Darcy’s instructions as to how it should be done?
She did.
After months of waiting, when everyone else had failed,set up the Website?
She did.
Change and conform policy to fit out needs?
She did.
She was the one who offered us the GM Council; the ORIGINAL idea (a body of about 8); and accepted when membership was widened.
Above all in terms of drama, she NEVER made any decision without talking to me, or letting me know for yeah/no.

I was there- I saw it all. I remember it all.

And that folks is the real test for me. LET me know- talk to me, listen to me- COMMUNICATE with me. I have always prided myself on TALKING to people. Said that communications is the only basis for interpersonal relationships.

So, anyway- Harry moves- maybe Darcy knew , maybe not.
And do you know what?

This is Darcy/Harry’s SIM folks. Bottom line, I support them in this 100%. They can hire/fire anyone they damn well please; THEY came up with the vision of Hogwarts- if they want to change direction mid course, then by golly- we will damn well allow it!
To do or say anything else is to ignore the reality of the situation.

And I never had stupid DD’s yeah? THEIR SIM, THEIR RULES
NEVER forget that. NEVER support anything else.

Allow me digress for a second here…
Today I was teaching my form/tutor group.
We were going on about bullying and I was asking them to answer questions- I kept saying
“If someone ever called you a bad name, stand up!”
“if you have ever called anyone a bad name, stand up!”
It was fun! A really important life lesson.
I turned to my class today and I said-
“Imagine you saw a kid being picked on, would you tell on the bullies.”
Of course 100% of the kids stood up. But you see teaching is a much more intelligent game than that. I smiled and said…
“Ok, so the kid is someone you don’t know that well; he’s a bit weird; and the bullies are two older kids who live on your street- how many of you would HONESTLY, look the other way and avoid the situation and not tell a soul? Stand up!”
And HONESTLY- about 80% stood up!

I love my class. They are honest!
I smiled and I said…
“And if that were you, if you were the kid, would you want someone to report it?”
And they nodded.
And I looked them in the eye like the wise old teacher that I was and said…
“That’s what its all about guys. WHO are you? You see, you are what, 12 now? And you can now find out- what do you STAND for? What makes you STAND UP? Do you really walk away? Sure it’s the easier path, sure its SO much easier. I would. I would so walk away in a second. Not my business. I do not care.”

I smiled
“Maybe not. Maybe I would try and stop it. Or if I was scared, secretly report it. But its not about me. Its about you. What will YOU stand up for? What do you stand for?”
What do YOU stand for?

So, this is me.
Seeing what I really, honestly believe is an injustice.
Seeing what I really honestly believe is an unfair call. In my heart I believe that.
And with no malice, no anger, no rancour, no bitterness, no upset whatsoever.

This is me.
Standing up.

THIS is what I stand for.

I believe that the ones who care, who do the work, who put in the time, who give the effort should be rewarded.
I believe, in my heart of hearts, the ONLY reason the drama department has remained intact over the last few weeks has been because of the hard work, good humour and effort put in by Luthien Biziou.
That *I* am the one who has been slack. Real life took up MY time.

If there was a head to roll- it had to be me.
IF there was a target to direct- it had to be ME. Not anyone else.
Which is why I was so harsh and heavy in the meeting on Tuesday.
You be MY staff. *I* hire and *I* fire.
And if you wanna have a go- have a go at the big kahoona. That’s what he is there for.

But no.
This was a go at someone who HAS done the work. Who HAS done right by everyone.

And I will not remain seated.

This is me standing up.

Sorry to leave ya like this- I adore ya, I love ya, but it is a matter of principle.
The principle of doing the right thing by people.
A very common sense, black and white, no nonsense homespun mentality.
There is the RIGHT thing to do. And the WRONG thing to do.

Anyway- when Harry appoints a successor, please work with them; SUPPORT them; PLEASE- do NOT allow this become a slagging off session. Harry and Darcy are within their rights.

And above all, do what I am failing to do.
DO right by our players.
They didn’t ask to be a part of any of this.

Remember- the people we must always be MORE concerned with are the ones who we overlook- the quiet, decent ones who just wanna role-play. Who just wanna play. Who do not care for politics.
Someone stand up for them please.
Someone be THEIR champion and guess what?

Its going to work fine.
It IS.
I am sure when Harry issues the clarifications on the role-play he wants you guys will be easily able to work around them.

And let us be honest- under Harry’s model everything is going to be much more relaxed. I reckon being a DD could become more fun!

And hey, ya never know- we could be joined soon by some of the old guard who left because they didn’t like the style of play- Kapu, Hermione, Tyler, all expressed an unhappiness at the style of play and I am sure there were others who felt the same.

I replaced someone, and someone will replace me.

That is the way of such things.

Things change.

Never forget that in SL.

Be good,

And may whatever god you believe in, bless you and protect you this night!

Danton Thirroul,
Passing over ownership of the group and heading to Arabian climes…