Student clubs

Student clubs are forming now

Do you have a student character itching for more to do? Have an idea for a study group, newspaper club, interest group, or something else fun and want to get it started?
Grab a friend or two and start a club. If you want to get it on the calendar then contact an admin at World of Hogwarts, in Second life.

Student Newspaper Club

If your character has an eye for journalism, or is even caught up on school gossip, then they may wish to make a student newspaper.

Gardening Club

If your character has the want to splice magical plants together and make new exciting breeds of plants

Fashion Club

If your character wants to explore the magical side of altering clothes to have magical properties

Cooking Club

If your character likes creating magical dishes that taste great and gives a kick of magic with each bite

Wizard Chess Club

If your character enjoys spending hours doing te perfect game with friends.

Frog Choir Club

If your character loves to sing with frogs.

Art Club

For all those that love to paint with magical paints that will make your picture come alive

Cheerleading Club

This is for all those that prefer to cheer then to play quidditch.

Drama Club

Grab a few friends, and act out your favorite harry potter stories.

Dance Club

Learn to dance with friends, great practice for all the dances and balls at Hogwarts.

Dueling Club

Learn to defend yourself in a wizards duel

Poetry Club

Share your poetry with friends about your magical adventures at Hogwarts in poem.

Potions Club

Catch up on potion homework, share potion recipes or just blow up cauldrons at this club.

Quidditch Club

Practice quidditch with friends

Study Group

Friends always make studying more fun

Technomacy Club

Take ordinary objects and make them magical, because everyone needs a teapot to sing “God save the queen” instead of it’s normal shrill.