Info for Professors & IC Staff

OOC note for professors:

We are always looking for new teachers, or adult staff members
The steps are fairly easy:
1. RP on the sim as a student
–7th years can be Rp’d in adult shape, wearing a uniform.
—–There are free uniforms at the welcome area
2. Prove your RP abilities on the sim during classes to get group membership
3. Attend classes to understand what is required
4. Fill out a syllabus for chosen class
-At least 10 topics to be taught-
5. Pick day and time
6. Do interview with HM
7. Teach

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Code of Conduct | Lessons | Homework | House Points | Head of House | Disciplinary Measures

Code of Conduct

  1. Firstly, respect for your fellow staff members is a must.
  2. A. Professors are not allowed to disturb another Professors class
    B. Professors do not correct another professor’s teaching style
    C. If you do have concerns of another professor then first talk to them in im, if it is not resolved then contact an admin.
    D. Professors may HATE each other. But they NEVER admit it to students’ faces.

  3. Professors must dress professionally. In whatever past era they feel comfortable in.
  4. Students must be kept in their place and obedient!
    Options for this are:

    • Awarding house points for good behaviour
    • In class discipline with spells, chastising, or action
    • Detentions :
      • 1. RP time and place given to be with professor
      • 2. RP task notecarded for professor to read at their convience
      • 3. Extra Homework
      • (Regarding essay length, one foot = approximately 200 words.)

    • Students are required to follow the dress code
      or they are begging for a detention.
      Robes being required in class is up to the Professor.
  5. Attendance and participation points are up to professors. 5 points for staying in class and participating is routine.
  6. No matter how young the staff member is, staff are not allowed any romantic relationships with a student, and they both risk banishment from the school if caught.

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Professors are required;
to teach approximately one hour length class
every week that is not a Hogwarts School Holiday.

If a professor can’t make class:
1. Find a substitute, or
2. Send a notice to the group that the class is cancelled.

Professors who miss more than 3 classes without sending a group notice beforehand
or a valid reason to Admins(why a notice wasn’t possible),
have a chance of losing day, time slot, and subject.

Professors are encouraged to provide at least one exam up to 3 exams to be held during the appointed exam week:

  1. R.A.T.s (Routine Average Tests – 1st to 4th years)
  2. O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Level – 5th & optionally 6th years)
  3. N.E.W.T.s (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests – 7th years)

Classes are scheduled typically during these times:
UK time zone classes are 11 AM until about 2 PM SLT.
USA time zone classes are 4 PM until about 9 PM SLT.
Of course you can schedule your class at your most convenient time if the time and day is available.

If you need help on making class material, class times, finals, etc you can use our Professors & IC Staff forum.

We have classrooms set up for use. Check the map for these. Talk to build team if you will be teaching a subject for years, and want your own classroom built or changes to the one you are using.

As a professor you will have notice rights in the group to announce things about your class. Please also try to keep announcements to 2 per day. Notice rights may be taken away if notice abuse happens.

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Dole out as much homework as you please, the more the merrier. Got to keep these young minds occupied somehow…

You will be provided with a mailbox/Picture in the entrance hall. You can put homework and class notes out for your students in your mailbox.
Professors can also send out homework in group notices.

There is also a forum to post and discuss homework and share class notes, or for discussions on classes.
Class & homework forum

House points awarded for homework are up to the professor.

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House points

We have a HUD to award house points. Please contact an Admin if you need the HUD.
The HUD can only add points.
It is best to collect points during the entire class and minus any lost points from the house in an overall point score.

As the house point HUD is used the house points will change on the point trackers.

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Head of House

A Head of House has near-full power over their own house.
Head of House applies the hardest punishments for their students. They are to make sure students are obeying dress code and school rules.
They have the right to suspend and expel students of their house.

If they want a Co-Head of House to assist them, they may select one and present him or her to the Headmistress to accept or decline.
Age, experience, devotion and reliability plays a vital role in the selection of Head of house or co-Head of House.

Heads of House are also responsible for selecting the following from their house:

  • 2 Prefects, preferably a boy and a girl
  • 1 Quidditch Captain
  • 1 Duelling Captain

Regular House Meetings are encouraged.

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Disciplinary Measures

We welcome all types of characters at WoH but if you choose to RP a character that gets into trouble be aware that your character can and will be punished IC. Be aware that punishment can effect your OOC time so plan accordingly.

-The basic ideas come from current UK, and USA private schools.
Punishments can be many things:

Detention (typically 30 min – 1 hr RP required)
*Students are required to complete punishment in character. *
*Professors have the right to request the RP logs as proof that the punishment was done.*
– Removal of activity
– report to a designated room
– Assigned menial task

Sent to the Office
-Parents/guardians may be contacted

Letter of apology
-To professor
-To Class or injured Student

Writing lines
-I will not……

Manual labor
-Cleaning Owlry
-Weeding forbidden Forest
-Scrubbing dishes

Extra homework Assignment
-Assigned by Professor

Public Humiliation
-Wearing a sign
-Wearing a dunce cap
-Having to do an embarrassing task publicly

Corporal punishment
-Magical quill
-Turned into a ferret and beaten against a tree

Suspension -Needs HM approval-
-24 hrs removal from school (This is a temporary sim ban)
-3 days removal from school (This is a temporary sim ban)
-1 week removal from school (This is a temporary sim ban)

-removal from school (The character is banned, a new character will need to be created)

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