Dress Code

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Please keep in mind that this is a magical private school. Uniforms and attire should reflect this theme.

There are many outfits and props suitable for role-play at World of Hogwarts available for free or for sale on Second Life and the Marketplace. Please try to follow the guidelines below for your character’s appearance. You can also seek help and opinions on our forum.

Students not dressed appropriately may be asked to go to their common rooms to change in-character. Professors, Hogwarts staff, prefects, and the head boy and girl are all able to check on student appearance and can ask to change or apply punishments. It is up to the professor whether they require robes (cloaks) in their class, and whether you are dressed appropriately.

Professors and adults should also dress appropriately for a magical wizarding world with little muggle influence.

Student Dress Code

  • Uniforms should be black or dark grey in color with color accents corresponding to your house. There is room for a bit of creativity here but you are responsible for making sure it looks like an acceptable uniform for a private school. Solid colors are favored over printed fabric.
  • Boys and girls can wear trousers. Shorts are acceptable in the summer and warmer weather as long as they go to the knee or below.
  • Dresses or skirts should be at least knee length or longer. We understand it is not always easy to find knee length skirts on SL. If the length of your skirt/dress is a bit above the knees then wear non see-through stockings to cover the rest of your leg above the knee. No mini skirts or mini dresses allowed. Make sure skirts and dresses are a uniform style and black or dark grey with optional house color accents.
  • White button-up collared shirts should be worn with uniforms.
  • Sweaters, cardigans, vests, etc. matching the guideline of dark grey or black with house color accents are allowed.
  • If a house crest is not already visible on your uniform you should wear a pin with your house crest on it.
  • Socks or stockings should always be worn with uniforms.
  • Don’t forget to finish off your uniform with a tie in your house colors.
  • Shoes must be decent and close-toed. Flat shoes and boots that aren’t overly tall are fine. Please be more dressy for classes. Low heels are permitted, provided they are worn with discretion.
  • Cloaks/capes/robes are encouraged and may be required by some professors to attend their class. Make sure they are black or dark grey with optional house color accents. They would be worn often in colder weather to keep you warm in the cold castle.
  • Wizard themed hats are freely permitted and even encouraged. Please stay away from muggle hats.
  • Hair may be worn in any way you wish, provided you keep it clean and presentable for a private school.
  • Pierced ears are permitted, provided they are kept to a tasteful minimum. Other facial and bodily piercings are not allowed.
  • Tattoos are strictly NOT allowed for students.
  • Quidditch uniform may be worn when training but should not be worn to classes.
  • Remember, uniforms must be kept smart at all times. This doesn’t mean you need to have a Gringott’s family vault full of gold – rather that your uniform, robes and casual attire should be in one piece and well presented, whether they be second hand or not.
  • Muggle denim, T-shirts or tights/socks with holes in them are unacceptable but you are free to offer them to your house elves back home.
  • Overexposure of skin is unacceptable.

Relaxed Dress Code

At weekends and during holidays, a relaxed dress code applies in the castle. You may wear what you like, provided you keep it respectable and smart. Torn clothes are not allowed, skirts should still meet at the knee and over-exposure of skin will result in punishment. Students are encouraged to wear something that indicates which house they belong to, either by color or by including a house emblem as part of their attire.

Adult Dress Code

Professors and Hogwarts staff need to dress in a fashion that is befitting to your position as one of the foremost educators shaping the young minds of the wizarding youth.

Ministry workers should dress appropriately for an important job at a wizarding government.

Please avoid the following:

  • Modern muggle clothing
  • Exposure of bare torso, cleavage, stomach or too much leg.
  • Anything that makes you look like you belong in Gor, or on a street corner in Hard Alley
  • Excessive bling
  • Anything that would qualify as “Nightclub Wear”

As a rough guide, the Wizarding World uses fashion from the early 1800s to the late 1960s.

It’s obvious from both the books and the movies that wizards are an eccentric lot. So – unlike the students – creativity with your clothing is permitted, just remember to keep it somewhat witch or wizard-like. Take a good look at what your character is wearing and ask yourself this:

“If I were to drop him or her right into a Harry Potter film, would he or she look out of place as a member of staff?”
If the answer is, “YES” – please change immediately.

If you are unable to answer the question by yourself, contact a member of the Roleplay Department for a fashion consultation and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

Members of staff caught wearing inappropriate outfits will be asked to change.