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november, 2017

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21nov11:30- 12:30Divinations class
21nov13:00- 14:00Defence against the Dark Arts
21nov14:00- 15:00Dueling club
22nov11:30- 12:30Ghoul Studies
22nov13:15- 14:15Alchemy class
23nov11:00- 12:00Transfiguration Class
23nov13:00- 14:00Potions class
23nov13:15- 14:15Ancient Runes
24nov11:30- 12:30Herbology class
24nov13:30- 14:30Charms Class
24nov20:00- 21:00Night Divinations class
25nov11:00- 12:00Arithmancy
25nov12:30- 13:30Astrology
25nov13:30- 14:30Lunch
25nov13:30- 14:30Mythology
27nov11:30- 12:30Apparition Class
27nov12:45- 13:45Wizarding Ethics
27nov14:00- 15:00Potions Club
28nov11:30- 12:30Divinations class
28nov13:00- 14:00Defence against the Dark Arts
28nov14:00- 15:00Dueling club
29nov11:30- 12:30Ghoul Studies
29nov13:15- 14:15Alchemy class
30nov11:00- 12:00Transfiguration Class
30nov13:00- 14:00Potions class
30nov13:15- 14:15Ancient Runes


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