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This application is only for WoH group members wanting a special ability, Guest applications here will be ignored and deleted.

1. log in or register an account with us

You don’t have to register to this website to be part of the Role Playing group in second life.

You only have to register here after you are a member of WoH in Second life and want to be an adult,
or a special character.

2. Special abilities can only be applied for AFTER you receive WoH group status in Second Life. 

-Please give a month for this application to be processed.-

Special Character Application

If you would like to be notified of your application status via email please fill out your email address. Otherwise skip this line.

Please use your legacy/user name, such as MyName.Resident Do not use display names since they can change. If you use the wrong name your application can and will be ignored and deleted.

What is your WoH character name? Or if you are creating an alt on the same account Choose a name for your new character. Remember, you CANNOT choose a cannon character name like Potter, Granger, Weasley, Malfoy, etc.

Special Character typeRequired

This application is NOT for normal students. *Normal students do not need to apply to RP in World of Hogwarts.*

Students have special age ranges allowed for each year in school. Adults and creatures please describe age in the character bio later on in this application.

Character houseRequired

Pick the house your character was (or is to be) sorted into. Adults can choose their alumni house, or pick 'other' if they went to a foreign school.
House info and traits.

What is your character's Classification?

Why do you want this ability? What struggles will effect your character because of this? What is the history of your character? Please include the following details:

  • Adults list your top 3 desired professor or staff positions
  • Family Info: Parents including how they met.
  • Brothers, sisters (if any).
  • What was life like at home whilst growing up
  • What was your first experience of magic
  • If a student what is your plan on how to deal with this special ability at Hogwarts.

What makes your character tick? What they like, what they don't like, bad habits, goals, etc. Don't forget to add flaws. They make role-play more interesting and 'realistic'.

A quick test of how well you understand role-playing your special ability. In the box please role play your character's response to the following :

"A young male student, probably a first year, walks alone along a dark path leading up to the Hogwart castle carrying a large pile of textbooks. As he turns a corner he loses his balance and the stack of books starts to fall over. The boy cries out 'Merlin no!' "

Have you read the in world information about this special ability you are requesting?Required

On submitting this form you are stating you agree to follow all World of Hogwarts rules. Anyone on sim or on this website who doesn’t follow rules is subject to suspension or banishment.