Special Ability Application

World of Hogwarts Role Playing is open to any Hogwarts student. No need to apply just show up in uniform on the sim and Role Play.

This is where you can apply to be an adult, werewolf, vampire, seer, part-veela, centaur,metamorphmagus, animagus, half breed in World of Hogwarts. You can apply in world, with any admin, it is faster.

You have to have group membership before applying for any special abilities or to be an adult

1.Get Group Approval in Second Life

Role play during peak hours, class times, to prove your RP abilities, to gain in world group status. You cannot play canon characters of the Harry Potter stories or play the child of any of the canon characters. This means you cannot be a Potter, Granger, Weasley, Malfoy, etc. Make up someone new just for you.


2.Apply for special ability

Adults awaiting approval can role play as 7th years until your application can be processed. We love diversity in our community!

Apply here, this will take about a month for approval, or apply in world, contact an administrator to get quick approval.

Before you apply we want to make sure you understand a few things. Keep scrolling.



Do you have a Second Life account?

We are a community inside of the Second Life virtual universe so you need an account to join us. Accounts are free. Join at SecondLife.com


Adult characters

Only adults allowed unsupervised in the castle are professors and staff. All other Role Playing Adults are by invite only and on special days. Role Playing adults that are not Hogwarts staff are allowed to attend quidditch matches, wander the forest, lake and village. Professors have many choices of classes to choose from, and have freedom to teach as you see is best.


Follow the rules!

Everyone on sim, whether a member or not, must follow all of our rules.

Please read the rules before you apply.


Don’t be a power hungry insufferable know-it-all control freak

Read our rules about metagaming, powerplaying, and godmodding and understand why they’re all bad and will not be tolerated.



A few more notes:

You can create another character if you already have one approved character. These are called alternate characters (alts). The new character will still need to go through the process of earning group status on the sim by an adminstrator in RP.

Special characters (anything other than a regular student or adult witch/wizard) are limited and not granted to everyone.

The staff going over special ability character requests may ask you to make corrections before role-playing any special ability, or adult character at World of Hogwarts. We want every member to have a solid character for role-playing in our community. Don’t take offence if you are asked to change your application.


Failure to follow these instructions or failure to fill out the application properly will only complicate matters and lengthen your wait time. Please follow instructions and understand the rules.


Got it? Good. Now you can apply.


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