OOC Roles and Duties

These are the departments that help keep World of Hogwarts running. All teams work together and have equal importance on the sim, with the exception of GMC acting as sort of the management between every team.

Each department must work with other departments on matters that hit both. Examples:

  • Publicity should work together with build team about OOC areas like the welcome center.
  • Build team should work with RPD on IC builds.
  • NMM should work with publicity about applications on the website and materials for new members.
  • Publicity and RPD should work together on posters and advertising within and outside of the sim on IC matters.
  • RPD and NMM should work together on special abilities and characters with unique requests or stories.

Any roles or duties not listed here need worked out between departments with GMC stepping in to mediate as needed.

It is up to department heads to recruit members for their teams and to manage them. GMC appoints department heads. GMC members are voted in during elections.

Build Team

The build team is responsible for the castle building, classroom setup, room rezzer, landscaping, platforms, common rooms, etc. They make or find objects that make RP better. Professors work with the build team to set up their classrooms. IC and OOC staff go to the build team for needs related to the buildings and furniture on the sim. Build team works closely with the role-play department to make sure builds fit in well with role-play. They watch prim, script, and land impact usage on-sim and can remove or ask others to remove their objects or scripts.

Role-play Department

RP = Role-play
RPD = Role-play Department
RPL = Role-play Lead

The role-play department is here to manage role-play. RPD wants to make sure that RP at World of Hogwarts is fitting with J. K. Rowling’s stories and doesn’t deviate from them too far. They work to help members have better role-play and may hold lessons and/or send out guides to help members with their role-play skills. They work on plots to keep RP interesting. Members must go to the RPD to have plots approved. RPD deals with complaints from people claiming that other players are metagaming, powerplaying and/or godmodding or are RPing plots without permission. Any final decision regarding to plots or what is acceptable to do in RP comes from the RPL.

New Member Ministry – NMM

The New Member Ministry handles applications for characters to our sim. They approve or reject applications. Apps with special abilities, creatures, and old WoH members coming back should be discussed with them.

NMM works with new members to get them the information they need to get started on our sim. The NMM invites members to the appropriate groups and informs new members of who they should contact, such as Head of House. They may also appoint “newbie helpers” to assist new and prospective members and answer their questions. This may include tours and distributing rules and guides.

NMM may work with RPD for discussions on special abilities characters and new members who want to try something a bit different with their characters. These teams would work together for approval on such things, or special case applications as they will impact plots.

NMM and publicity could often work together on coming up with materials and guides for newly accepted members so the members are better integrated with the sim and know what to do next.


Promotion and communication within and outside of our sim. Other departments should work with publicity to get the word out on plots, builds, announcements, sim news, staff changes, communications materials, official World of Hogwarts rules and guildelines, etc.

Publicity also handles the website and social media efforts. The website holds up-to-date information on the sim including rules and guides for all WoH members. Blog posts and sim marketing materials are part of this. Facebook and/or other social media efforts help spread this information as well.

The class schedule and event calendar are also handled by Publicity. Staff should inform publicity of schedule additions or changes so the word can get out to all WoH members. Publicity may go to staff OOC and ask for class and event schedules.

Publicity works with Role-play Department on marketing and advertising for IC events. RPD is in charge of what happens in these events and both teams work together on getting the word out about such events, with publicity trying not to ‘spoil’ any surprises.

New Member Ministry and publicity work together on applications and attracting new members to apply. They may work together on materials and information given to new members so the members can more easily integrate with their new community.

OOC areas like the Welcome Center require a lot of care from publicity, as that is the first impression of our sim. We want to wow our visitors and make sure every person who goes through there gets the information they need about our sim, whether they are a visitor or already a member. Therefore the welcome center gets a lot of attention from this department and publicity works with build team on it.

Game Master Council – GMC

The GM Council serves as the overall elected governing body of the group. The GM Council’s goals are as follows:

  • To uphold the designs of the group constitution.
  • To foster & promote roleplaying in the group.
  • To approve and oversees various committees within the group.
  • To serve as first responders in the case of griefing, conflicts, etc.
  • To communicate regularly and preserve the interests of the roleplayers.
  • To have continuous communication with the roleplayers they represent and to propose actions in the best interest of the roleplayers and the roleplay.
  • To have continuous communication and mutual respect for the other offices which report in to the GM Council and provide the support they need.

The members of the council help the rest of the departments and the players, to be in harmony. They eject or ban and eject griefers and in some cases role-players who have repeatedly or seriously breached the rules. They make sure the role-players are safe and report to LL if necessary. They are elected in by members of World of Hogwarts during election periods, with votes.

The GMC hires new department heads, and can remove them where necessary. Their duty is to advise the leads of departments if they’re having issues. They can suggest major changes to the sim as a team and give a hand if the leaders of depts are overloaded with work and short of members, as well as create new departments as necessary.

GMs cannot be head of a department themselves. When a department head is voted into GMC, their department may be temporarily ‘merged’ into the GMC until a department head is appointed, especially if there are few members in the department.

In addition, they have to make sure the role-players and staff are following the OOC rules and MEDIATE in fights between role-players, but reminding them they’re grownups.

Regarding the sim, GMC is responsible for is rentals and sustaining the sim financially. Also the GMC is responsible for policies and rules. The GMC may return lost objects and griefer objects on sim.