IC Roles and Duties


They’re in charge of the school and the principal figure of authority, and they rule among the faculty staff and students and house elves. They also decide the major changes in Hogwarts. This position is only IC, that means the person in charge has no jurisdiction in OOC manners unless he/she belongs to an OOC department. They can take points from houses and add or remove head of houses and professors. Even then, the HM is another character in the role-play experience and have to make sure they have permission of the RPD for staff changes, school rule changes, plots, and anything that’s not normal day-to-day activities IC. They should also keep in contact with the publicity department for record keeping and sim communication.


They rule among the students and caretakers and house-elves. They have the right to take points from different students, though the head of house is usually the one that applies the hardest punishments for their students. They are to make sure students are obeying dress code and school rules while in their presence, and have the ability to remove house points or give detention as necessary when a student misbehaves. They may choose their own class times and assign homework, quizzes, tests, etc for grades for the purpose of RP (we don’t keep track OOC) and house points which are displayed across the sim (IC and OOC). Professors should hold at least one class once per week. Inactive professors may be relieved of their duties. OOC they have notice rights for the in-world WoH group so they can send out class time reminders and cancellations, but should not send notices for anything else. More information on professor duties can be found at this page.

Head of House

Each of Hogwarts’ four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) have a staff member appointed as their Head of House. The HoH (Head of House) is the point of contact for students of that house to go to for questions, guidance, and help. It has been tradition at WoH that the Head of House chooses prefects, quidditch captains, dueling captains, and related student titles. Head boy and head girl remains the decision of the Headmaster/Headmistress. The Head of House may hold house meetings at their will (please inform publicity of meetings so they can be added to the calendar). They can also discipline and award or deduct house points. They may have notice rights in the in-world group for sending house meeting times and related activities.


They usually don’t have authority among students but they can help to apply punishments. They can be seen wandering the grounds or the castle taking care of the general upkeep of it all. They may garden, take care of animals, clean the castle, set up holiday decorations, tend to messes students make, and so forth. It’s understandable if the groundskeeper creates a bond with certain creatures of the forest.


With Hogwarts being a castle full of teens with magical powers, you can imagine the amount of work needed to keep the children healthy and with all their limbs functioning properly. Potions mistakes, quidditch accidents, spells gone wrong, germs spreading…. really a lot of work. This is what the healer does: keep the witches and wizards of Hogwarts healthy and whole. They may be summoned at any hour to fix a broken nose or cure a sudden outbreak dragon pox. They don’t award or deduct points, or punish. They heal, and are an important part of role-play at Hogwarts with lots of RP opportunities. Students may be assigned as student healers with minimal responsibilities, who aid the official healers with their day-to-day tasks.


The keeper and organizer of the school library. They put books back in the right places, help students find the books and information they need, and keep the library in order. Students may be assigned as helpers to aid in keeping the library organized and quiet.


A professor, current Hogwarts staff, or other adult character who counsels troubled students. He/she must be willing to have weekly visits with said students (or as need be as cases may vary). Also is in charge of graduate preparation & working with the 7th years for job placement and future plans. Counselors should put student safety and well being above all else. OOC counselors won’t send notices or have classes like professors.

Student Prefect

They can take points from students of all the 4 houses and ask for obedience, but they can’t apply punishments, just inform the Headmaster/Headmistress and/or their Head of House. Prefects should be active members of the community. They should keep an eye on student behavior and make sure students are following dress codes. Infractions should be reported by prefects to their Head of House, and they may deduct house points.

Quidditch Captains

Quidditch Captains should be in charge of their teams with the ability to add or remove members, not the HHs, since they are the ones who know who plays for real and who is just there to sabotage the team. It is necessary that Quidditch captains are active on the sim. If the captain is constantly away, an active player can take the team’s leadership.

Students in charge of a club

If they found it, they become the leader and can add or remove members and are in charge of the activities. They should schedule club meeting times (and inform publicity so these meetings are added to calendar) and try to keep role-play going in their clubs. Clubs should be approved by the RPD.

Regular students/all the students

If they don’t own a title, they pretty much are bossed by prefects and faculty, but in the books we can see that those who got to see house elves were treated like royalty by them.