About Us

Welcome to World of Hogwarts, more commonly known as WoH. We are a Harry Potter role-play sim full of witches, wizards, and magical creatures.

You will find residents from across the world, role-playing as characters in the Harry Potter universe between Chapter 36 of “Deathly Hallows” and BEFORE the epilogue. The battle of Hogwarts is long over. The wizarding world is getting back to ‘normal’. This means you will not see any cannon characters or children of cannon characters. All characters are original creations of the role-players.

You are welcome to come visit our open sim and role play a regular student. Role play when an admin person is there to earn group membership.
After getting group status you can apply to be adult, for a special ability, special plot, or creature at our sim. We are always looking for new members to start up role-play and hold classes in all time zones.

Become an in-character professor or staff member of our community after you are part of the group.

The sim is managed and maintained by our members, with everyone pooling their skills and knowledge together on a volunteer basis. We welcome and encourage members to step up and help as volunteer staff.

Would you like to volunteer your time and skills to helping our community? See our Help Wanted page for what we are in need of the most.

The main sim with the castle is a homestead owned by Callum Lothian (trystan.trevellion). We have a few homes, and beds in common rooms that can be rented, also shops on the sim that generate some revenue, but not enough to cover the cost of tier, Callum Lothian (trystan.trevellion) pays most of the cost out of his own money. Any donations by members are greatly appreciated and can go straight to the sim tier.

We had a contact form here but it was a naughty contact form that did not send messages like it was supposed to. You may want to just ask a question in the forums instead, or contact a staff member directly in-world.