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We wholly encourage alternative characters. However, it is becoming a bit confused and not everyone has registered all of their ALTs. We need everyone who has an ALT to please put together a notecard that is titled with their SL name, and then lists all the ALTs they are roleplaying in WoH. State if said ALT is under your original/main account or under an account with a different ID. Please also state whether the ALT is an adult or student, and send this notecard to either Armen Bingyi or Vikkie Vuckovic.



If you want to roleplay an ALT, GREAT! We love the creativity. You all are wonderful for the stories you come up with for your characters and the different ways in which you portray their personalities. Please remember to create a full character sheet for the ALT and wait to have it approved by a New Member Minister prior to beginning roleplay with the ALT.

If you are roleplaying an ALT you need to be loyal to the duties for which your character is responsible. If you neglect IC duties then remember that you can then have IC consequences for it. You cannot neglect said duties to roleplay an ALT or take part in another plot while leaving others to await you in another situation. If you are roleplaying with others please be respectful of those you are roleplaying with. Don't leave them to go off and roleplay another story or plot until you are done with the first.

We are however having some issues with some who roleplay more then one character. We applaud your creativity and ingenuity. However, please try not to roleplay more then one character at a time. If you are someone that has more then one computer going at once and has more then one character going at one time in the sim... WOW I couldn't do it. However, for some it slows down the plots those characters are involved in. A slower response time for one character slows down the roleplay for everyone that is playing with that character, while they wait for them to respond. This is unfair to the other players.

Please be courteous and remember that you are playing with others. You may want to be involved with your different characters in different plots and storylines but please choose one at at time in consideration to the people you are playing with. Also, we have had complaints that some may be using one ALT to godmode or metagame for their other ALTs or storylines. If we have evidence of this we will have discussions with the player. Godmoding and metagaming spoil the roleplay for others. Please do not use what one ALT knows and does in other storylines for another ALT.


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