Role-play at Hogwarts


World of Hogwarts Turns 10 in 2017

We are the longest running Harry Potter role-play sim on Second Life and base our stories off of the books. We welcome role-players with various role-play styles and backgrounds. Beginners all the way to experienced writers are welcome to join in and have fun.

At World of Hogwarts you will find residents from across the world. All characters are original creations of the role-players, not from the Harry Potter stories.

This Second Life sim is dedicated to magical role-play (RP). You can participate or witness a wide variety of themes such as dueling, battles, classes, quidditch, and normal teen shenanigans.

The sim is managed and maintained by our members, with everyone pooling their skills and knowledge together on a volunteer basis. We welcome and encourage members to step up and help as volunteer staff.

Voted Favorite Role Play sim by Avi Choice Awards 2013

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